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A socially-engaged initiative rooted in intersectional justice that cultivates the sharing of world-making knowledge amongst practitioners who identify as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.


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Office Hours

Office Hours (2020–present) is a participatory project operating at the intersection of art, design, and social change that cultivates the sharing of worldmaking knowledge by and for BIPOC creative practitioners. Started by Esther Choi in July 2020, over 2000 people of the global majority have participated in this classroom-meets-chatroom from 20 nations including the United States, Canada, Jordan, Malaysia, Palestine, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, India, Australia, South Africa, and the Philippines.

Office Hours' bimonthly 75-minute sessions are advertised on Instagram at and on its website. The first 200 BIPOC students and practitioners that register receive a link to the free Zoom event held later that week.

Through its seasonal programming, Office Hours aspires to render liberatory worldmaking strategies by BIPOC practitioners available to wider audiences, while providing free information that addresses the barriers to entry and access for creatives of color. As an experimental space of sociability, its dialogical format promotes knowledge sharing, listening and dialogue, lived experience, and multi-racial and inter-ethnic solidarity as crucial tools for social transformation. Embracing intersectionality, Office Hours encourages speakers and attendees to engage in intimate discussions about the ways in which their overlapping social identities have shaped their personal journeys and insights. In addition to abiding by community agreements, all participants are asked to turn their cameras on and arrive accountable to the group dynamic.

Season 1 speakers included Alyse Archer-Coité, Sunil Bald, Germane Barnes, Shumi Bose, Sean Canty, Tei Carpenter, Esther Choi, Eric Hu, Mark Gardner, Asad Syrkett, Jonathan Jackson, Justin Garrett Moore, Quilian Riano, Jacqueline Shaw, Lexi Tsien-Shiang, Lee Mun Wah, and Dong-Ping Wong.

Season 2 began in February 2021, and has featured Sumayya Vally, Tammy Eagle Bull, Dori Tunstall, Benjamin Kaplan, Grace Wales Bonner, LinYee Yuan, Zeina Koreitem, Eddie Opara, Deanna van Buren, and Alex Lin, among others.

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How To Support Office Hours

Donations to Office Hours are tax deductible and can be made here. Office Hours operates under the fiscal sponsorship of The Architectural League of New York, a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


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